BYOD Policy

BYOD Policy


Access to the District's wireless network, including the Internet, shall be made available to students, employees and members of the Board of Trustees primarily for instructional and administrative purposes and in accordance with administrative regulations. Limited personal use of the system shall be permitted if the use:
  • Imposes no tangible cost to the District; 
  • Does not unduly burden the District's computer or network resources; 
  • Has no adverse effect on an employee's job performance or on a student's academic performance 
Access to the District’s electronic communications system is a privilege, not a right. All users shall be required to acknowledge receipt and understanding of all administrative regulations governing use of the system and shall agree in writing to comply with such regulations and guidelines. Noncompliance with applicable regulations may result in suspension or termination of privileges and other disciplinary action consistent with District policies. 

Violations of law may result in criminal prosecution as well as disciplinary action by the District.

For more information view HPSD's Acceptable Use Policy.